Some start well. Some start poorly. Some have trouble in the middle.
Regardless ...
God wants you to end well.
This week is the final installation of our series learning from Abraham how to be blessed by God. Come learn how to end well like Abraham did.  

Sunday at 11:00

Ending Well

Dan Thornton

Read Genesis 23-25


  • Youth Group for Teens
  • Bible Study for Adults
  • Nursery for Infants
  • AWANA for Children (will resume in September)


The members of Maranatha are serious about being disciples of Jesus. That means we passionately pursue knowing Him, desire personal life change, serve others, and reach out to those who don't know our Lord. We mess up a lot - which makes Jesus' grace and forgiveness our hope and strength.  


You can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging music and worship, compelling preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and maybe even challenged.


Come asking God to meet your needs. Come expecting to learn about Jesus. Most come in nice clothes but casual, others come in coat and tie. You can make new friends right away, or you can remain anonymous for a while if you prefer. As we worship the Lord Jesus together and humble ourselves before him, he promises to work his blessing in our lives.